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 Thank you for your interest in leasing with ATM Transportation Services! Please read carefully!!


Solo Truck Drivers usually make from $3500 to $8000 weekly gross on the road with their own truck. (Depending on how you drive)


ALL of our drivers are required to SELF DISPATCH. (Note: you may hire a dispatcher and pay them as you see fit.)


If you have never dispatched yourself before, you must do independent learning first.

YOUTUBE has multiple videos that will help!

Go to youtube: type in: How to use DAT app load board to book loads for box truck/hot shot (whatever your equipment type is) There are multiple videos that are excellent in showing you the quick process.


AFTER you have familiarized yourself with the process, we will walk you through and practice booking your own loads with you until you’re ready! :)


You will book your own loads. We will be here to advise you IF NEEDED, but ultimately you will be  responsible for negotiating your pay rates with brokers.  


When booking your own loads, ALL brokers must be approved by OTR solutions factoring. Our factoring company ensures that we are working with CREDIBLE brokers so that we GET PAID.


While looking at the load boards, especially on DAT, the app will show whether or not OTR will factor. When walking you through booking, we will show you how to find this.


The lease-on fee is 15%

Factoring is already included in order to get paid within 1-3 days. Daily Pay is available :)


You keep 85% of the total gross!



Once the driver reaches $5,000 for the week, the split becomes 88/12!


Work week starts every Monday and ends the following Monday at 11 AM.


Example:  Driver has completed a few loads totaling $5,000. They have completed these loads by Thursday. If a driver books a weekend load for $2,200, then the pay for this load changes from 85% to 88%.


Sample Week:



Load 1: $2200 Pay 85% 

Insurance: $250

Total Driver Pay: $1870-$250 = $1620




Load 2: $2800 Pay 85% Total Driver Pay: $2380

Friday- Monday (Before 11 AM)


Load 3: $2,200 Pay 88% Total Driver Pay: $1936


Weekly commercial insurance automatically comes out of the first load pay of the week. NO DOWN PAYMENT NECESSARY :)


NOTE: ALL drivers are required to prepay an additional week of insurance. This will cover a full week. At some point, drivers will need to do maintenance or have a family obligation. This second insurance payment will ensure that insurance is not canceled from not running any loads for the week. Once a driver uses his “free week”, they will be required to make-up that payment the following work week.

So, if your weekly insurance payments are $250. During week 1, $500 will be deducted from driver pay. The second insurance payment will be deducted from the second load that is completed.


Weekly insurance payments vary from 200-350/week depending on your equipment.


After you decide to proceed with on boarding, here are the next steps:


Fill out the application and upload all documents.


After we receive quotes from our insurance, we give you the weekly rate for your equipment.


Sign independent contractor agreement.


Driver will need to get decals made. We will give you a picture of our company info that will need to go on the side of your truck. You will be responsible for completing that task. Once completed, send pictures of your equipment with decals properly placed on each side of your truck.


You receive a driver profile via email that will include all documents you will need to have printed out and neatly placed in a binder to keep in your truck at all times for DOT regulations.

We will complete any necessary practice with booking loads.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lease a truck from you?




I have a 26 foot box truck. I only have a ramp. Do I need a lift gate?


Short Answer is no. It depends on the load.


When viewing load boards, many times the broker will say whether that particular load requires a lift gate in the description. All loads vary. There are plenty of loads that do not require lift gate service.


Do you have local loads?


ATM Transportation Services does not have loads. We also do not currently dispatch our drivers. You will be responsible for finding loads through load boards of your choosing. However, you are free to hire your own dispatcher and pay them as you see fit.

Most drivers use DAT. You will need to familiarize yourself with the load boards if you haven't already. You will be able to look and see the loads in which you are interested in. If you want to stay local, then you'd adjust your search criteria accordingly. (Ex: Within 200 miles)


I have my own factoring, can I use my factoring company?



When leasing on to another authority/company, you'd be running under their entire setup- including factoring and commercial insurance.

You could use your factoring company IF you are running under YOUR authority.


I have my own commercial insurance, do I still need yours?


Yes, any truck you lease on to another carrier/company has to be covered by their insurance. Our insurance covers minimum requirements for most brokers. ($1,000,000 liability/$100,000 cargo) You will still need your own bobtail insurance while using your truck for personal use.

Most drivers pay $100-$300/week depending on equipment.


I do not own a box truck but I can rent one, is that okay?


YES! That is fine.

There is a $100/week insurance charge to add a driver to our commercial policy.


When do we get paid?


Short Answer: 1-3 business days.

After a load has been delivered and paperwork is turned in, processing will begin. If all paperwork is turned in BEFORE 11 AM, it will usually be processed the same day and paid out the following business day. If you choose the daily pay option, a $30 wire fee is applied and you can get paid the same day. You must request same day pay BEFORE 11 AM. Also, after a week of running successful loads, drivers will be able to receive a fuel advance if requested, which is ideal for long hauls.


Do I need an ELD?

Yes. You will be required to have an ELD in your vehicle AND keep a paper log book.


We only use brokers who factor with OTR. There are plenty of double brokers out there and by doing these credit checks, it ensures that we only work with the best and that everyone gets PAID in a timely manner. Therefore we do not use quick pay services. 


**Exception: If a driver wants to use a broker that does not factor with OTR, the driver will be required to pay 15% in advance from the previous load. Once payment is received from an unfactored broker, funds will be deposited into the driver's account next business day.**


If you are unsure about a broker’s credibility, send their MC number and we will gladly look into them.


** Before booking a load, make sure the destination of your booked load has plenty of loads coming out of that city/state. This will help prevent you from driving into dead zones.**


**Before you call to book a load, HAVE YOUR PRICE IN MIND. Have your calculations done so that you are prepared. If it's a pretty decent load, chances are, there is competition for that load and the broker is looking to move quickly.


**If you are trying to drive locally, THERE IS USUALLY A LOT OF COMPETITION for the local loads. This is normal. Most people like to stay close to home. Don't be surprised/discouraged if the loads come and go quickly in your town.  The real potential is in OTR.


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